Release the pressures of HMRC

Leaving your business's tax unpaid could potentially be fatal - but if you act early enough you could have options ...

Let Challenge Finance arrange a payment schedule with HMRC

If your business is experiencing pressure from creditors it can be hard to cope with the constant demands. Phone calls, emails and all the necessary juggling may be distracting you from fulfilling your regular duties within the business. However, if your business has arrears with HMRC then it is important you act on the situation with a viable plan.

Why? Because HMRC will not go away. They have enforcement powers like:

  • Claim company assets - even without a Court order
  • Make you personally liable - from your company's debts
  • Shut down your company - with a winding up petition through the Courts.

If HMRC goes ahead with this final step then it is likely that your bank account will be immediately frozen leaving you with little choice but to immediately cease to trade. Finding additional funds is only a part of the picture. Did you know that one of the most effective ways of working with HMRC is with a Time to Pay Agreement, this allows you to reschedule payments with the taxman.

At Challenge Finance not only can we help you gain the additional funds you need to improve business cashflow but our team of expert advisors could help you set up a Time to Pay agreement and provide you with the necessary business advice to return to profitability.

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