Crowd Funding and Peer2Peer Lending

Generate the capital you need to return to profitability by raising funds with peer to peer lending

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Are you looking for a serious alternative to standard lenders and high street banks? Want to work with private investors prepared to take time to understand your business? If so then crowd funding could provide the funds your business requires.

If you are struggling to acquire the additional funds to recover your business, then one route that has become more popular over the past decade is crowd funding. Individuals bid in an online auction to become part of a syndicate ready to lend money to your company. A minimum level of investment is set and at the end of the auction if this is met the funds are made available.

How Challenge Finance can help you source crowd funding

By working closely with your sponsor we help to prepare an information pack that can be shared with potential crowd lending platforms. Through building a positive picture we increase the attractiveness of your opportunity to the lending community. Key to winning funding is a clear indication of why past problems will not recur and how you plan to return to profitability. Our team of turnaround experts can assist you in this process.

Crowd funding loans

Some of the features of crowd funding loans that can be secured through Challenge Finance are as follows:

  • Secured loans from £50,000 - £1,000,000+
  • Terms range from a few months to five years and move
  • Fixed rate interest – typically 8% pa to 12% pa
  • Set monthly instalments of both interest and capital repayment
  • No penalties for early repayment.

Your next step

Although crowd funding is usually reserved for ventures with a history of solid financial results and management information it is still possible to achieve financing for distressed businesses. However with the right proposal and plan some crowd funding platforms can introduce you to a lead investor who can inject funds quickly and then follow on with crown funding later or are prepared to take a view. Expect the whole process to take around 2-3 months.

Call our team of financial experts and brokers and we will provide you with an assessment of whether this route to funding is suitable for your business.

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