Cash in the value of your invoices - now

If you are waiting for outstanding invoices to be paid then Challenge Finance can raise cash against the value of your invoices.

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Are you suffering from cashflow problems? Do customers take the full 60 or 90 day terms to pay - but suppliers and employees want to be paid immediately? If so it is no surprise to us that you might be struggling to pay your debts to suppliers and HMRC.

Let Challenge Finance help you with our factoring facility. Even if you have been refused credit from the high street or another lender we could still be able to provide you with the funds you require to improve cashflow.

Through Challenge Finance you are able to access the full spectrum of financial institutions that are prepared to offer distressed companies invoice finance. This could be as much as four times the amount offered by the high street.

If you want to know whether you can secure additional funds based on your outstanding sales ledger then we are the right company for you. Should you require any additional services such as credit control or credit insurance these will be provided to you as part of an overall package.

How does invoice financing work?

  • You issue your customer with an invoice - this will be for the completed provision of goods or services together with the agreed payment terms.
  • Challenge Finance puts you in touch with a lender that provides you with a cash advance - once the invoice has been issued you send a copy to your lender and they provide you with additional funds based on the value of the invoice.
  • The money fuels growth and profitability - with the new found liquidity gained you can fulfil vital obligations like payroll, meeting supplier demands and satisfying HMRC.
  • Repayment - after your customer pays the invoice the advance is repaid with interest and the balance is available to your business to finance growth.

It is worth noting that Challenge Finance lenders also offer a service to collect payments on your company's behalf.

Your next step ...

If you require invoice finance and you have not been able to find this with high street lenders then Challenge Finance is the ideal choice for you.

Simply contact one of our advisors and in 24 hours we will be able to tell you whether your company can access additional funds through invoice financing and as specialist whole of market brokers if we cannot find the funds for you - no-one can.

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