Need cash fast? If your business is struggling it may be difficult to find credit. We can help where others can't.

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If you own a residential or commercial property it can be used to secure bridging finance. This is often the fastest way to raise cash.

A bridging loan from Challenge Finance could help generate the money your business requires. We work with all the specialist lenders in the UK that are able to offer finance to companies with adverse credit or poor trading histories, giving you access to the additional funds you need for your property purchase.

Why choose us for your bridging finance?

  • Borrow the full purchase price of a property – if you have additional security, you can achieve a 100% finance arrangement.
  • Undervalued property? – if you are purchasing a property below the market value, then Challenge Finance can lend up to 100% of the cost with no security or guarantee.
  • Bridging for portfolios – alongside our commercial rates we are also prepared to review mixed portfolios and arrangements, which also cover residential property.
  • Leverage a property asset to fund cash flow – effectively refinancing an existing property to give you the liquidity to purchase another.

Your next step

For a fast answer on a potential bridging finance arrangement please call one of our expert advisors. All we need is a few simple pieces of information and we’ll contact all of the specialist lenders in this sector on your behalf and respond with an answer in under 24 hours.

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