Funding options

Funding for small and medium sized businesses used to be easy. Typically you would walk into the local branch of your bank, ask for a loan and if you met their criteria get a overdraft. Times have changed.

Bank overdrafts are only readily available for good credit risk businesses. Even then they often have to be supported by a personal guarantee.

Today most businesses can only borrow money against specific assets and even then if your business credit standing is impaired in any way most lenders are not interested. However, some lenders will look at distressed and semi-distressed situations because they specialise at that end of the market and take the time to see through a problem situation. Of course they have to price in risk but the additional money they are willing to lend can make all the difference to whether your business fails, survives or thrives.

Every lending situation is different but it will probably fit into one of the following options listed below:

We know which lenders are most active and competitive and can guide you to them.

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