Helping your business return to profitability

Even if you are refused finance, there are still options that could allow you to continue trading. Call now on 0800 331 7418

Did you know that over 80% of businesses suffer from distress in their lifetime? If you are struggling or experiencing difficulties with bad debt and cash flow issues then you are not alone. However, these problems could impact on you and your family causing friction in your personal life. Many directors do not realise that they still have options , even if the business’ debts outweigh its assets and HMRC payments are in arrears, help is still available.

A professional consultation with our business rescue partner McTear Williams & Wood Limited will help you understand all the choices available to you and your fellow directors. During this simple 1-2 hour appointment you will access a lifetime’s experience of business rescue and an informed professional opinion on the future of your venture, together with ideas for recovery.

What will you gain from a business consultation?

  • Establish if the business is still viable – can your business return to profitability?
  • The costs of moving forward – how much capital is required to fund a turnaround?
  • Potential restructuring – what changes could be immediately implemented to improve the outlook for your business’ future?
  • Managing creditors – helping you manage HMRC and other creditors.
  • How to gain additional finance – a business turnaround plan could be a key element to gain the funding you need to return to growth.

Your next step

To help you begin an initial assessment on your business’ viability we have created a free financial health-check that will help you gain an instant appreciation for your situation. Alternatively, it may be the case that you are already aware of your current business situation and the potential courses of action available to you. In such instances, we can confirm your plan.

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