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If your business is struggling with cashflow then Challenge Finance could be the answer for you.

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Struggling to find additional funds to run your business? Having difficulty meeting your financial commitments? Is your focus on managing money to the detriment of productivity. These problems can be solved by freeing up your cashflow but you don't know where to find a lender and more importantly when you try to secure additional finance for your company you discover some or all of the following problems:

  • Your requests for finance are turned down by high street lenders
  • Your historic financial dealings have led to bad credit ratings
  • Legal judgements such as CCJs are affecting your credibility
  • A business history of losses and a weak balance sheet
  • You have arrears owed of PAYE, NIC and VAT

Is this you? Then there is a good chance that Challenge Finance will be able to supply you with the additional finance you have failed to find through conventional channels.

Challenge Finance is not for businesses looking for mainstream finance arrangements and rates of interest will be higher than those charged by most high street lenders and clearing banks. We have direct access to a number of institutions that specialise in providing companies like yours with the finance you need to continue running your business and return to profitability. If you are looking to acquire finance of £25,000 or more for your struggling business then we are the lender for you.

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